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Sunday, 6 January 2013

VBA32 dead or just too silent?

VBA32's programmers, why haven't you still released update or something?

Looks like this is how they work

I am using VBA32 AntiRootkit and latest version of it is from 20.04.2012. Huh? I don't see any updates from Vba32 in a while. Another product, beta version of VBA32 Workstation, was released on 21.03.2012, and from then nothing has changed. No beta2, no fixes, even no response through mail.

On English version of the site, you can't even find product news.
Russian version of the site is really bad, and I mean that. Just look at that ads at the top and at the bottom.

Standard site template with dead links( is not working at all).
It's really a shame. :(
I hope that VBA32 will wake up from coma and won't end like Coranti.

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